Wednesday 27 January 2016


A very obliging little bird on my patch in Downham market, it took me a few visits to get a passable image, one had to be patient and wait for the bird to land near them as if you as it would quickly fly off if you encroached into it's 'safe' distance

Saturday 9 January 2016

Long tailed duck

We went to Lackford lakes to see this little female sea duck, she is the first one since 1995 to visit this inland site, the previous one stayed for seven months.Another visit is required to hopefully get a better picture.

Thursday 31 December 2015

New beginnings

We have now moved up to Norfolk to enjoy our retirement, Welney is our nearest reserve (15 minutes) and  Lakenheath fen and Weeting heath (25 minutes) are also close by and we can be on the North Norfolk coast in 40 minutes. Lincolnshire reserves are reachable in under one hour too so our base is ideal.
So bring on the new year and we look forward to starting a Norfolk list!

Iceland gull

This is the bird that has been in Kings Lynn for a few weeks, luckily it is very confiding.
I put two images on as they appear to be two different birds colouration wise, it is purely the light hitting them from different angles.

Saturday 6 June 2015

Long tailed tit

Taken from a hide at Lackford lakes in Suffolk, it was one of three adults coming back at ten minute intervals to feed a hungry brood somewhere in front of the hide, delightful little birds

Wood mouse

This little character has been mopping up under our feeders for some time now and it has become completely at ease when we walk around the garden. I lay down four feet away from it and the mouse calmly watched me, even the click of the camera did not disturb it, great stuff!


It is good to get back to blogging, I am now fit and well again and able to use my camera again. A few years ago I planted the alder tree in our garden that this goldfinch is busy feeding from. This image makes the effort well worthwhile.