Tuesday, 23 September 2008

song thrush

I have never seen as many song thrushes as I did on St Marys, they were simply everywhere and very tame, this one sat singing whilst we walked past him and was quite unconcerned by us

snipe feeding

another denizen of 'lower moor' St Marys this bird allowed me to take pictures from only about twenty feet away, the beautiful cryptic plumage was a sight to behold, when standing still at the side of the reeds it becomes nearly invisible

snipe alarmed

all that was showing of this little chap was his head, they can duck down so that only the top of their head is on show to watch for danger, he relaxed after a few minutes and allowed me to capture him feeding as seen in the next posting


if you add another 't' to this birds name you get startling which goes some way to describe how colourful they can be in the right light.

House sparrow

the birds in the Scillies are remarkably tame, the house sparrows would eat from the hand, this one at least was foraging for 'proper food'