Wednesday, 24 June 2009


One of many birds I saw in the Orkneys where they are quite common, this one was in the field adjacent to our accomodation,

Marsh warbler

It took me four hours to get this view of a very elusive and tantalising quarry, it sang often but did not perch in the open for more than verybrief
periods. This was at Amwell

Monday, 15 June 2009


Taken overlooking the Pentland firth, I had to hang over the cliff to capture this shot with the bird about fifteen feet below me. I did notice while waiting for a flight shot that the puffins are not very ergonomically bright, if they missed their 'run up' to their nest ledge/ hole then it required a 200 metre flight back out to sea and then try again. I watched one bird try at least six times to land using this method and many of his compatriots did the same

Short eared owl

Seen near and often flying over the croft we stayed on. It has a nice juicy rat in it's talons.


This was a superb subject, we were able to drive right up next to its sentinel post.