Thursday, 28 August 2014

Insect news

                                                          Vapourer caterpillar
                                                           Elephant hawk moth
The vapourer was in the garden and the big boy was at Willington

Monday, 11 August 2014

Early August

                                           Mystery garden moth
                                                               Garden spider
                                               Comma caterpillar taken at Lackford lakes
                                                Lesser stag beetle on out front lawn
                                                          Purple thorn in the garden
                                                      Straw dot in the garden
                                                   Southern hawker at Little Paxton
                                                 Common blue at Little paxton
                                                 Juvenile Tufted duck at Lackford lakes
On a recent trip to the lagoon I was watching five hares (a good site record), and two raised themselves and started watching a fox cub that was frolicking in the freshly cut straw, pretending to pounce on 'prey'. There was very little of interest in the lagoon itself as there 29 swimmwers doing laps and upsetting the fishermen.
Highlights from the garden were three hedgehogs one evening and a hummingbird hawk moth that trapped itself in our outhouse, despite a wait of ten minutes hoping it would land and allow me to photograph it I released it before it damaged itself headbutting the window.