Monday, 25 November 2013

A visit to the Raptor foundation, Woodhurst

                                                                    Bald eagle
                                                                Long eared owl
We spent an enjoyable five hours here in Huntingdonshire, besides the birds of prey there is also a small reptile and insect house manned by a very keen and informative member of staff, and i must add that the guys looking after the birds were also very helpful and knowledgable.
Above are a few images I took for screen savers, I love the top one!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Cley, Red breasted flycatcher

Just a couple of pictures of this cracking little juvenile flycatcherIt was flushed from it's resting place by the Pill box at Cley beach by a couple walking in the opposite direction to us and together we enjoyed a couple of minutes of it's company before it flew and disappeared. Another chap who had viewed it from a distance through his scope put the news out but when we retured that was twenty minutes later it had not been refound unfortunately for those that quickly appeared to try to get a view of it


Posing beautifully on thie reed mace in the early morning sun at Holme, it sat here for half an hour before dropping into the water and then disappeared so I don't know if it caught anything

A day at Titchwell

 The herring gull was very successful in his crab catching whilst w e watched, it seemed to catch them at will and they must have made very prickly snacks
 The Black tailed godwit seemed to be half asleep and unconcerned by our passing close by
 The Turnstones on the beach were happy to walk around the birders getting as close as fifteen feet or less if you layed down.
 Sanderling, which I find very endearing were zooming around in the surf which was being whipped up by a strong wind resulting in the foam that this bird was hunting in.
The male Shoveller in his brand new plumage looked very smart in the late afternoon sun

A good day at Grafham water

Les and I went to Grafham with friends Ken and Tim and were rewarded with some good birds for the time of year, picture one is a long tailed duck or Oldsquaw as it is known in the USA.
Picture two is a pair of distant black-necked grebes. Picture three is an arctic tern and finally a Northern wheatear.

Little egret studies

These were taken on different days at three locations and I just picked out the most eyecatching or unusual pictures for the blog, some were taken in quite low light.