Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Bataleur eagle

A superb eagle from Africa, my final entry in my non wild raptors section

Hawk fest

These pictures are of captive birds at the local bird of prey centre and too impressive to omit from my blog, top left is a red tailed hawk, top right is a gray hawk (I think) and bottom right is a harris hawk, I never tire of looking at raptors

Golden eagle

Not a wild bird, this was taken at the local bird of prey centre adjacent to the Shuttleworth collection, I feel compelled to add it to my blog just because it is so magnificent

Little stint

One of our smallest visiting waders and usually very approachable, however whilst they are nesting along the coast of N.Norway / Russia etc, if you approach the nest the male will hover in front of you and if you get too near he will hit you on the nose with his beak which can be quite painful. this one was at Titchwell.

Monday, 20 October 2008


Shot captured soon after dawn on St Marys

Bar headed goose

A walk along the river at Sutton Gault in Cambs' on a very gloomy afternoon was rewarded with this goose flying past


A walk through a disused airfield in Bedfordshire brought us to an old barn and inside we found these thought provoking pictures..................

Golden pheasant

Not a native species but...................what a myriad of colours, pictured at Sculthorpe hawk and owl trust woodland