Monday, 17 October 2011

Signal crayfish

These record shots of what I believe to be the introduced Signal crayfish were in Fowlmere RSPB nature reserve. I did not want to remove it from the water in ase it was the native British crayfish but after checking on the net I'm fairly sure this is the American one, also it was at least four/five inches long.

Friday, 14 October 2011


Lots of birds about in the Sandon area today, there was a large flock of linnets, 400 strong as an estimation, three buzzards patrolled the high ground, a flock of 50 lapwings were also in evidence. Large coveys of red legged partridges were calling and many brown hares were seen. My best photo opportunity came in the form of this nice female common kestrel.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Red knot

I managed to get quite close to a flock at Titchwell, I just stayed still on the beach and waited until the incoming tide pushed them towards me. They were all making gentle noises as they kept in contact. I am going to try taking a low level seat with me next time to see what I can get close to.

Brent goose

The flocks are back in Norfolk, huge skeins across the sky early in the morning, these flew low over my head, at Cley-next -the-sea.

Common seal

We took the Beans boat trip from Morston quay, it was something we had talked about doing over the years but just not around to doing. It was very informative, the crew members came up with lots of stats, the weather was great and there were lots of seals to see, this one was the best poser.

Convolvulus hawk moth

I had never seen one of these moths before, it was quite large, they migrate here from Southern Europe on the wind, I suspect that our 'Indian summer' helped this one here. It spent the day on a fence post at Titchwell.

Pintail (Northern)

This female in very pristine plumage was at Titchwell.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Common buzzard

A superb juvenile buzzard with pristine plumage, I am not sure if it was aware of me but it passed over me four times so I obviously did not concern it.


This adult rook was on the grass by the exit to the Grafham car park and posed in the sunshine for me. It may not be a beautiful bird but I think they have a lot of character and they are quite clever birds. A lot of them have now moved their rookeries into the towns so that the farmers cannot persecute them so easily.

More phalarope pictures

I had to put a couple more pictures of this superb little bird, I sat and waited on the dam and it gradually worked it's way past me completely undisturbed by my laying six feet away.

More from Grafham

I finally got a chance to go over my pictures again. the top picture was digiscoped, the second one I used my 300mm lens for