Thursday, 24 October 2013

La Roque, Dordogne, France

This is a spectacular place, inhabited for the last 55,000 years, the buildings are built under the overhangs of the sheer cliffs or in caves that are high up on the rock face.
It is worthwhile googling this place foe some superb images, there are lots of chateaus, some atop cliffs with spectacular views.

Dordogne wildlife

A small selection of some of the wildlife we found in the Thiviers region of the Dordogne

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Orange slug

We found this beauty on the road at Nantheuil, I have also seen them in the UK, I have been unable to discover its species.


We saw this firecrest at the resevoir at Mialet, a pleasant area with a footpath that went around the perimeter, it was a designated nature reserve.

Green and common Wall lizards

The green lizard we found out in the countryside of the Dordogne, the wall lizards were photographed in my cousins garden, they were an endless fascination to one of his dogs who spent hours each day trying to catch them with very little success, when he got bored with the lizards the shadows of butterflies had him tearing around trying to catch them, at the end of each day he was just about exhausted.


These were in the Valley where my cousin lives in the Dordogne, they appeared to have poor eyesight as I was able to approach them quite close before they got our scent and scuttled off into the safety of the water (pic 2)

Wild boar

We saw these in the Dordogne region of France, sadly a hunting mad area, we were advised not to go into the woods on Sundays as there was a good chance of getting shot, we thought the wild boar were wonderful, and cannot understand why anyone should want to kill them,