Sunday, 30 June 2013

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Red footed falcons

The top bird is the female, and below is her mate, who provided both the meals.

Marsh harrier

Just two of the many images obtained at the Pygmy cormorant hide of these wetland raptors

Song thrush

Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Les and I spent an enjoyable few hours at the Welney WWT on the Ouse washes, this was one of a pair of wrens that were constantly landing just ouside the hide, prior to zooming off to feed their brood

Cuckoos at lakenheath fen

I have never seen more cuckoos! i had a wondwerful day at lakenheath fen, by 0630 i had seen Savi's warbler, Red footed falcon, grasshopper warbler and bittern in flight, the hobbies and cuckoos were later bonus's


I spent the best part of a day at Lakenheath fen trying to photograph the red footed falcon that had taken up residence there but the hobbies made the trip worthwhile as my pictures of the falcon were disappointing.

You'd never believe it

This wonderful character was one of the highlights of our trip with the Stevenage RSPB group. We came across him with his owner, he is free flying and about 38 years old, he spends his days in his owners studio or out for walks/flights with him.

Lesvos lizards

The top one is a starred agama, these we found out in the most arid open areas, the last one is a Balkan green lizard but the middle one, which was 18 inches long approx, I can find no reference to - I would like to know tho'

Bee eaters

There can be few more beautiful birds than these, the first group is a number of new arrivals on the island, the individual was setting up a nesting area.


A raven taken from above at the Ipsilou monastry, One of a family group, trying out their wings for the first time judging by what we saw

Yellow wagtail female

Photographed from the car at the ford near Kalloni.

juvenile stonechat

One of a family group that was out with mum and dad, most of them continually panting on the hottest day of our holiday in Lesvos at about 34 degrees.

Woodchat shrike

A really obliging bird that sat tight as we drove past.

Barn swallow

I took up a position so that I could photograph the swallows coming down to get nest making material about 30 ft away, but this bird came and landed within ten feet of me, on a roastingly hot day

Wednesday, 5 June 2013


These were found on top of a mountain, hawking for insects, I put them together for that reason and also because they are right next to each other in the Collins field guide. The top bird is an Eleanora's falcon and the second one which is eating a catch is a Hobby.


This is a very small selection of the caterpillars we saw, the first two haning from threads that they had used to "abseil" down from the trees to escape the birds that were trying to catch them and the one on the track which was a stunner. I have no idea as to their identities, they certainly are not in any of my books. al the images were taken with my 300mm lens.

Amusing sights

We were amazed at some of the loads the locals carry on varying forms of transport on Lesvos, it was haymaking time and the pick up trucks were groaning under the weight of some of their loads, but my favoutite was the guy with moped carrying this piece of machinery along one of the tracks.

Spotted crake

We had travelled to see a great snipe which had unfortunately decided to make itself scarce but were rewarded by this cracker, a German couple called us up the river twenty yards and the crake was performing just feet away, it seemed to barely notice us, it contiued to feed quite happily until the current took it away downstream

Temminck's stint

This had been a bogey bird for me until this year but I managed to photograph a selection of them this year, this was taken early one morning just before I realised that I had been sitting quietly for forty minutes with my headlights on still and I'd flattened the battery - silly old blighter. It show the characteristics off nicely

Spanish sparrow

There were far fewer of these cheeky chappies this year on Lesvos, and this seemed to be the trend for many species, the top bird was singing and I could not resist the second picture of the nest builder

Red throated pipit

I am always amazed at how close one can get to birds by using the car as a hide and this is the perfect example, this pipit was calling very softly as it foraged and quite unconcerned by my nearness


I had watched it feeding on thistle heads and it flew, and I thought it was up and away but it landed six feet from where I sat in the car resulting in this nice pose.