Friday, 16 October 2009

Magpie mayhem

This territorial fight erupted on my neighbours drive and involved all four magpies and was watched noisily by the resident crows.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009


taken in Puerto pollensa on a villa wall, it had very long antennae and also has a back leg missing. I'm still trying for an I.D.

'Golden beetle'

I.D. not discovered yet but it really did seem to be as described but when the picture came out it seems to have a green sheen, it was in the Alcudia albufera.

Black vulture

taken in the Mortitx valley on Majorca, the nearest I have ever got to this species, not a quality picture but I am pleased with the result.

Montagues harrier

this was taken in Majorca at the Alcudia abufera, it has been ringed.

Red-nobbed coot

Introduced to Majorca from mainland Spain

Spotted flycatcher

Taken in Majorca


Picture taken in Majorca