Tuesday, 12 April 2011


As I had a lot more holiday than Les this year I spent a week in the North of Majorca and got all my pictures using only a bicycle and public transport. I spent a lot of my time at the 'Albufera' near Alcudia but did cycle to Puerto Pollensa. The weather was superb with sunshine all day long and these are a few of the pictures I managed to obtain. I had considered getting a car but decided that I spent too much time driving and not enough out with my camera!

For those who are not bird experts they are from the top:-

1 Stonechat

2 Sardinian warbler

3 Black winged stilt

4 Purple gallinule

5 Spoonbill

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Twilight Tea said...


it was very nice to meeting you in Albufera back in April! I got some really good tips from you, thanks! Your blog is very neat and pictures just blow me away!

Wishing you many sunny weekends before the year ends!