Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Frampton marsh highlights

Les and I had a long week end in Lincolnshire, with all the best pictures being obtained at Frampton.
One morning I arrived early to find it shrouded in mist but I could hear the huge flock of up to 5,000 black tailed godwits calling, (see picture above of part of the flock in flight when the fog cleared).
While I waited for the sun to break through I watched a group of mallards walking across the grass eating the spiders from the centres of the dew laden webs, also two pairs of mute swans were in a loose group and both cobs decided to make show of who was boss, they slowly approached each other in typical agression pose, they stood really close to each other and bent their necks down so that their heads were facing downwards, they both stood their ground and then seemingly with their honour intact quietly ambled back to their pens.
the top picture is of a little stint, two is a black tailed godwit, four is a very obliging goldfinch and five is a distant pectoral sandpiper, a visitor from America.

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