Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Patch week 6

5th Feb.   No visit

6th Feb.   Just a quick visit before breakfast on a busy day, just a chiffchaff and a sparrowhawk were worth a mention

7th Feb.  After a wet morning, Les and I went for a walk around the greenway, a flock of 12 stock doves were flushed, a large flock of rooks kept their distance, numerous skylarks were seen and a distant finch flock on a lovely sunny afternoon

8th Feb.  Two hours on the common which was more like a peat bog looking for woodcock turns up nothing except soggy boots and after that the day turned into one long bout of rain

9th Feb.  This latest trip to the blue lagoon turned out to be one of my poorer moves as it was blowing a hooley and my eyes were constantly streaming, in between blinks and trying to hold up the scope I detected only three Great crested grebes of interest.

10th Feb.  A pleasure today to go out when the wind was a mere Zephyr, Les and I walked the greenway, seeing 47 Canada geese on a new ‘lake’, a Jay flew over us, we bumped into Ken and talked about his visits to the patch, we then saw 25 redwings and a pair of fieldfares before the rain drove us home

11th Feb.  Another foul morning gave way to a sunny afternoon and I headed off to the fields adjacent to the Flint lane allotments, from here I saw a pair of distant buzzards and a further search of the distant hills and there was a tiny moving speck that turned into a RED KITE when it came closer. There was  also a pot pourri of lots of different birds that held my interest for the next half hour. I walked on to Radwell and saw four grey herons and a pair of little egrets there and found that the meadow pipit flock at Nortonbury had grown to about 35                               Patch list 65

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