Friday, 15 October 2010

Sandon hills

I went here to check out the raptors that seem to love this area and was rewarded with a hen harrier being mobbed by a raven which did not give in easily and the harrier was chased all over the fields with a following murder of crows that seemed to be enjoying the spectacle, the harrier appeared to be a juvenile but it was quite distant and hard to age positively. Also there were large numbers of meadow pipits gleaning over the freshly turned crop stubble.
There were also the resident buzzards about but I only saw four, also four kestrels were hovering over separate areas and a parcel of linnets flew over singing as they went.
I should get my camera back again from Nikon today it came back faulty last time and it's fingers crossed as I'm off to Norfolk on Monday for a few days dedicated photography all being well. I have missed a big chunk of migration with it out of action.

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