Friday, 15 October 2010

Utah revisited

I took another look at some pictures I took in Utah on a digiscoping family holiday, I have got some better software and was able to turn three very 'murky' pictures into quite passable images.
The scene is of the Green river entering the top end of the grand canyon in Southern Utah at a nature reserve called Dead horse point and as you can see it was absolutely spectacular.
The killdeer (named after its call) was busy trying to make a nest in the middle of an approach road to a nature reserve that could only have ended in disaster, the heat haze that is visible is indicative of how hot it was (it is not a blurred pic), I imagine that incubation would have been to keep the eggs cool instead of warming them up here!
The final picture is of a grasshopper sparrow, typically a skulker and hard to see, it obliged us by popping up in the grass nearby and giving us the full rendition of its song.

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