Thursday, 16 January 2014

Patch - week two

8th Jan  08.15 The blue lagoon

A fine morning after our first dry night for a while, the only new bird of interest was a


Standalone farm next, I was greeted by a very confiding


The only other sighting of note was a superb dog fox that strolled straight toward me apparently unperturbed by my presence                                                    patch total 54

Jan 9th Radwell

Two and a half hours on the patch brought nothing new, but it was a very fine day

Jan 10th Standalone at dawn

I saw what appeared to be a monochrome blue tit in a little tit flock which turned out to be a Long tailed tit with a very short tail, also in the flock was a  GOLDCREST.  I heard my first  SONG THRUSH  singing.                                                                                            Patch total 56

Jan 11th  Standalone

A quick early trip to Standalone was rewarded by a   KINGFISHER  flying across the lake in front of the hide and perching in the tree opposite                                   patch total 57

Jan 12th Blue lagoon

On a beautiful morning I found a   GREAT CRESTED GREBE  with little else except a large number of coots

Standalone was next after I had picked up Lesley and we saw a  WATER RAIL from the hide.

The greenway path was our route homewards and we saw our first true ‘exaltation’ of Skylarks, approximately 100 birds                                                            patch total 59

Jan 13th Greenway path

An early walk turned up another large flock of golden plover, and double figures of skylarks, mixed amongst them were a number of   LINNETS   I also think I saw something like twite but could not prove it conclusively                                                                    patch total 60

Jan 14th Greenway path.

Two visits for the finch flock went unrewarded, I certainly saw them but not close enough to I.D. Other birds of note were a large flock of rooks and more large numbers of skylarks, Lesley managed to spot her first fox of the year here.

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