Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Week three on the Patch

Jan 15th – no visit

Jan 16th An afternoon visit started at Standalone and I saw my first cormorant there, and 34 teal and 7 gadwall.

My main target was the finch flock and I put three pints of seed out as a trial to get them closer, I did watch for an hour and did see them again at scope distance and made notes on the mystery finches but could not positively i.d. them.

Jan 17th started at 0715 at the blue lagoon with 5 possible meadow pipits that I could not approach close enough to i.d. Next I checked Standalone and then walked the Pix brook which was also very quiet, annoyingly I ran out of time to check the area I had put out the seed.

Jan 18th to 20th away in Norfolk

Jan 21st started with Lesley at Standalone which had 5 new feral geese and two pairs of bullfinches, a pair of shovellers and a water rail along the l/h side.

We then walked the Piux brook and the greenway path to the point where I had put the seed but the only thing there was a lot of guano!

We popped back to the hide on our return and were rewarded with a


Which was along the back edge, also there a quantity of 100 mallards   Patch total 61

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