Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Blog news mid July

                                                             Green veined white
                                                    Helicopter effect bumblebee
                                                                  Marbled white
                                                               Spotted longhorn

Just some of the insects seen recently on the patch, we counted thirteen different species of butterfly yesterday in a small area.

The following are some of the musings from my blog diary last Monday. The skyways were busy with a myriad of swallows witheir youngsters, a buzzard flew up from its post in the flooded meadow looking accusingly over its shoulder as if to say "no peace for the wicked".
A family group of long tailed tits foraged busily in a nearby hedgerow, one popped out three feet from my face, observed me casually and went on his way, typically I was cameraless. A blackcap caaled in a low tree above the tits and a youngster immediately went after it. A green woodpecker 'yaffled' from a nearby tree and soon after a great spotted wooodpecker drummed to declare his territory. A female kestrel watched below patiently for movement in the meadow. Pied wagtails chased insects frantically and comically, two wrens were singing close by to each other, a dunnock popped out of the hedge with a beak full of prey, normally what they pick up is very hard to see, a whitethroat called from behind the hedge and a yellowhammer was singing from the top of a tree -                                                                   magic moments.

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