Thursday, 31 July 2014

Patch week 30

 Les and I found these small tortoiseshell catepillars on a walk around the greenway, I have not seen any of these since I was a boy.......................many years ago. Later in the day I came across a 'scold' of eight jays, seven more than I had seen on the patch all year and the largest group I had seen anywhere.
I sat in the garden watching the industry of these leaf cutter bees, they carried pieces of leaf and with surprising dexterity took them into their individual chambers ( there were at least five working) they then put a supply of pollen and an egg into the chamber and seal of the ends with multiple layers of leaf sections. The speed with which they returned each time with a new section of leaf was also impressive. Occasionally there would be a brief squabble amongst them and then they went straight back to their work.
I visited the Blue lagoon at about 0645  and for the second week running saw a juvenile common tern, but it did not stay long and flew away pausing only to take a pass at a hunting kestrel, I then watched the kestrel for a while and saw it try to catch a reed bunting but it gave up easily when then bunting fled for cover. A few moments later I was scanning the area with the scope and heard a rush of wings and looked up to see the kestrel 20 feet away on the cliff face, I'm not sure which of us was he more surprised.
all the pictures were taken with my iphone.
                                           Patch list 90 with common tern

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