Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Cavenham heath

I had a day out at Cavenham this week whilst Lesley was engrossed in Wimbledon and attached are the pictures I got there:-

                                        A comma butterfly posing on the slightly worn sign
                                                    An amazing headset on this moth

                                                Three poses by skipper butterflies
                                                                       The ringlet
                                              A really colourful caterpillar but as yet no I.D.
                                                            Roesel's bush cricket
                                                                Damselfly's mating
                                                               Common darter

 These pictures of a fifteen to eighteen inch adder that crawled up to my boot and then rapidly moved away into the grass when he realised what he had encountered
                                                       A really colourful tortoiseshell

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