Sunday, 6 May 2012

Day six P.M.

Our next stop was Strandja Nature Park  and a restaurant which had the added bonus of Semi-collared flycatchers which were at the height of their courtship, the males showing off their smart pied plumage and trying to entice the females to their chosen nesting site. The owners of the site had put up numerous nest boxes which this normally shy and retiring bird had decided were just right for them and had got used to people, and, to a degree ignored us, enabling the lovely images shown above, we had the birds just above our heads as we tucked into a good meal here.
After lunch we moved on to the coast again at Burgas to do some hide photography where I got reasonable pictures of Wood sandpiper (image 4) and a Ruff (image 5), for the last hour of the day we went to a local beach where I got my final picture of the day Little tern.

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