Monday, 28 May 2012

Interesting insects

Number one was a (Scolia flavifrons)Mammoth wasp (yes really) Europes largest wasp, and very clolourful, in my ignorance I took it to be a type of hornet, but found the ID on one of the many blogs that include insects from Lesvos.
Numbers two and three were Striped shieldbugs (Graphosoma italicum) and very smart they were too, reminiscent of miniature football fans.
The little black bee is for me the most unbelievable flier  have come across, how can those tiny wings manage to propel it into the air but they do to great effect
Some of the Lesvos ants were Leviathans in their own right , the one pictured was carrying part of the carapace of an unfortunate beetle, they had dismembered.
And finally this handsome beetle which we found a few of remains unidentified.

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