Monday, 7 May 2012

Day three

We had another early start today, meeting at 0445 ready to be in the hide before the vultures were alerted to our presence. It was mine and Janos's pleasure to wait for the Egyptian vultures to come in for the offal left to tempt them down to a rocky outcrop about 30metres from our hide on the opposite crag. The first one appeared very soon after dawn, and by the time the sun had risen there had been up to about six birds performing for us. We heard lots of birds and saw others that would not come within picture range except for the Cirl bunting in image four. We remained in the hide until it became apparent that no other birds were going to come in and Dimitar was asked to come and collect us and we spent the afternoon photographing from the car, Once again we saw lots but found them hard to get close enough, but the Corn bunting and a very co-operative pair of Woodchat shrikes obliged. Finally the lovely pastoral scene pictured last spoke volmes about some of the wonderful scenery to be found in Bulgaria

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